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I work out of my studio.  I have been looming and beading cabochons for 7 - 8 years.  I have been selling my cabochons for several years on e-bay under the name Id: eljayandor.  Please feel free to go and check my 100% favorable feedback.

I also do stained glass.  Fusing and slumping, and am working on learning PMC.


I am retired, and love working with my hands.

I work with cabochons, and any other size porcelain that I can get into my kiln.  I fire a lot of plates for the Holidays.  I make several sizes and take special orders for delivery right before the holidays.  I do pins, refrigerator magnets, plates, children's tea sets, bathroom sets, small lamps.  I enjoy working with my customers to get exactly what they want.

I do special orders, and require 50% payment when placing the order and balance when the project is done and ready for shipping.


Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to me.  I will go out of my way to take care of my customers.

I keep a list of what customers want and order when I am ordering supplies, that way my cusotmers don't have to pay a special order fee. 

My Philosophy

I would never sell a cabochon that I personally would not bead myself.  If we are going to take the time to bead something or put it into our beautiful art work, wood working projects, wire wrapped jewelry, mosaics, we deserve the best.  I do my level best to do just that.

I am as close as my e-mail, phone, snail mail.

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